"While traveling across the Baltic countries, I understood that their choral singing has achieved very high standards. Lately I have experienced great pleasure while working with the Kaunas State Choir in Argentina and Germany. Your small country has an artistic potential of world standard, and it is amazing that it can influence world musical culture..."

Lord Yehudi Menuhin - Lietuvos Rytas


"I have met the singers from Kaunas for the first time. Their skills have made me happy. They sing religious hymns and prayers in Latin as if they have been singing them from the moment of their birth."

 Mstislav Rostropovich - Lietuvos Rytas


"The Kaunas State Choir is a very versatile collective. (…) Today, their singing sounded like the flow of a spring. For that, I am very grateful to them, and to their leader, Petras Bingelis."

Yan Pascal Tortelier - Kauno Diena




"The Kaunas State Choir seems able to do anything. This is not only because of the specially good voices that have been brought together, but also because the members of it are used to working inventively. It is amazing how they feel and respond to the emotions of a conductor standing in front of them."

Jonas Aleksa - Kultūros Barai


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