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It would be purposeful and rejoicing for any pianist to give a concert with such an assembly of musicians as the State Choir of Kaunas. It is impossible to describe in words the kind of life and performance experience the Choir has accumulated. Being at the side of the Choir one feels stronger and more vigorous.
B. Andriuškevičienė graduated from Šiauliai Conservatoire piano class in 1990 and in 1996 she was conferred a music master degree after graduation from Kaunas Faculty of the Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy (professor R. Čepinskis piano class and associate professor L. Richterytė-Janulevičienė concertmaster class).
Since 1996 she has been lecturing at the Piano department Concertmaster class at Kaunas Faculty of the Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy, since 2011 she has been lecturing at Vytautas Magnus University Music Academy Piano department and working as concertmaster at the Sing department.
In 1994 B. Andriuškevičienė became concertmaster of Kaunas State Choir and has given concerts together with the Choir in Russia, Germany, Norway, Denmark and China. The pianist takes part at the International Music Festivals in Pažaislis as well in M. K. Čiurlionis and E. Grieg Music Festivals. She is an active member of the Kaunas musical community, participates in the musical events organized by community. B. Andriuškevičienė is also a member of M. K. Čiurlionis’ Association.
The repertoire of the pianist includes choral and vocal music pieces by J.S. Bach, G. F. Händel, L. Van Beethoven, W. A. Mozart, K. Penderecki, F.Poulenc, G. Mahler belonging to be the treasury of world music heritage and as well as the music created by Lithuanian composers J. Naujalis, J. Pakalnis, J. Gruodis, J. Švedas, V. Jakubėnas and other Lithuanian composers.
In Lithuanian Concert Halls and music projects B. Andriuškevičienė is known as a charismatic and temperamental pianist delicately feeling the music performed and being able to convey its essence to the listeners.